Berga resort wellness center amb circuit d'aigües spa al pirineu de barcelona

Spa circuit

Berga Resort invites you to discover the wellness center with spa circuit.


Not just a spa, but a route which will enter into contact with different spaces and enjoy new sensory experiences to the surface.

Let the water flow…
Make contact with the heat…
Freeds your mind…
Recover you and do not think… You'll find total relaxation of your body and mind.


– Reduces muscle tension and relaxes the muscles and neck.
– Reduces joint pain.
– Elimina the estrés i toxins.
– Active circulation.
– Expected inflammations and facilitates the recovery of sports practices.


Duration spa circuit 90 minutes

Minimum age: 5 years.


Prix : 22 € (minimum 16 years).

Special Price Guests staying at Berga Resort 10 € (minimum 15 years)
Opening hour: from 9’00 h to 21’00 h.