113 reasons


There are more than 100 reasons to why it is possible to enjoy Berga Resort all through the year.


1) Plots of 70 – 100m2 with water points per plot, natural or artificial grass or river gravel, plenty of shade, TV connection, Wifi, parking.

2) Free car plots so you can enjoy a greater peace and tranquility.

3) Deluxe plots (90 m2) with individual sanitary facilities with individual sanitary facilities (Toilet, Shower (1.10 cm x 0.70 cm), Plate and Utensil washing facilities, Hand Washing Facilities, Mirror, 100l Electric Water Heating, Underfloor heating system, Space to place a washing machine), concrete car parking area, Tv Connection WiFi. 20 A Electric Supply.

4) Module Plots for Mobile-Homes of up to 40m2 with garden, private plot enclosure, barbecue, concrete car parking, TV connection, WiFi, 20 A Electric Supply

5) Remote connection to your electrical consumption so you can check what you’ve used straight from your computer. Only pay for what you’ve consumed!.

6) Well designed Central Service Building with full time winter heating and ambiental music

7) Heated baby bathing suite with full time independent heating

8) Camping for the whole family

9) Grandparents are welcome to visit and gain free access (on lodging contracts over 6 months)

10) Pets don’t pay a tariff!

11) Free, exclusive gifts (depending on payment methods)

12) Bi-annual lawn reseeding

13) Installation of Artificial Grass

14) Concrete hardstandings for modules to counter humidity buildup



15) Wooden Bungalows, 12 m2 with attic and porch for 2 adults and 1 child.

16) Mobile Homes of 24 m2 + porch, for 4 people.

17) Chalets of 36 m2 with attic, for 6 people.



18) Automatic Security barriers on vehicle entries (using numberplate recognition)

19) Entries/Exits covered by CCTV

20) Night security all year round

21) All paths/roads within the site are concrete to reduce dust and mud accumulation

22) RReception open 07:30 to 22:00 on work days and weekends; also open on holidays (by Spanish Calendar) between 08:00 and 21:00. Reception open all year

23) Disabled access toilets

24) Automatic washing machines, with inbuilt washing powder and softener dispensers, dryers, etc

25) Clothes drying facilities

26) Defibrillator

27) 144m2 cinema with a 4.25 m x 2.40 m screen, Dolby Sound, etc

28) Meeting room with presentation screen, DVD, Blueray, USB, CD, wireless microphones, etc

29) Social area of 200 m2 with underfloor heating, vending machines, etc.

30) Open and closed exterior terraces (100m2 and 150 m2 respectively)

31) Games room

32) Live feed webcams

33) Weather Station

34) Free car washing facilities (residential guests only)

35) Ample off campsite parking for visitors.


Sporting Installations

36) 600 m2 summer swimming pool with beach, water flume, grass and shading trees

37) Children’s swimming pool of 70m2, with beah, maximum depth of 40cm, natural grass and shading trees

38) Indoor non-chlorinated swimming pool, heated to 26ºC, 25m lengths with four lanes. Open all year

39) Indoor heated pool of 8m, heated to 28ºC, open all year round; idea for children, swimming classes, aquagym, hydrotherapy, etc

40) Non-chlorinated Thermal Circuits, with Spa, Sauna, Sanarium, Steam Baths, Thermal Showers, Ice Fountain, Heated Beds, etc

41) Lifeguards on both the indoor and outdoor swimmingpools

42) Gymnasium of 250 m2, with 121 fitness machines available

43) “Spinning” room, with 20 static Keiser bicycles, and up to 15 classes per week

44) Weights room of 100 m2, with 8 olympic weight benches and weights of 450 kg per bench

45) Multi-use room of 144 m2, with underfloor heating for classes.

46) Group class and workshop room of 150 m2.

47) Personal Trainers.

48) Sports centre reception open 07:00 – 22:00 weekdays, 09:00 – 21:00 weekends and holidays

49) Multi-sports court

50) 2 Paddleball Courts

51) Paddleball School with certified teachers

52) 2 Tennis Courts

53) Tennis Coaching with certified teachers

54) 75 weekly classes for adults and younger people with specialist trainers

55) 45 classes per week for children between 3 and 12 years

56) Changing rooms of 300m2 with individual lockers

57) 2 x changing rooms of 150m2 for children with baby bathing facilities

58) 2 x Ping-pong tables

59) 2 x bowls courts




60) An exclusive space with 7 private cabins for massages, treatments, beauty and health programmes

61) Services from beauticians, physiotherapists, and of energetic techniques, etc

62) Horizontal Solarium and relaxation area



Social Activities – Entertainment

63) Games Library of 72 m2, with uses as a karaoke room, disco, and a 60 m2 dedicated space for birthday parties; as well as indoor monitored play area of 72 m2

64) Entertainment each weekend throughout the year and daily during the summer

65) Outdoor play area with zip lines, rocking horses, slides, etc

66) Organisation of off centre activities including hiking, trail walking etc

67) Social Tournaments

68) Thematic entertainment and clubs (eg, Christmas, Easter, etc)




69) Restaurant “La Fonda”, specialising in local dishes, daily menus, musical dinners, etc. Open all year

70) Cafe, pizzeria with a 150 m2 terrace

71) Takeaway food service

72) Supermarket open daily throughout summer, and during holidays, weekends and festivals at other times




73) Biomass fuelled heating systems

74) Reductions in CO2 emissions

75) Solar Energy Collection

76) Rainwater recycling (for use in garden irrigation, site cleaning, etc)

77) Recycling point




78) Great temperatures throughout the year

79) Less than 1 hour from Barcelona City

80) Less than 1 km from Berga

81) The Patum Festival of Berga has been declared a Patrimonial event of cultural importance

82) Close proximity to 20 different ski resorts

83) Close proximity (14km) to the Rasos de Peguera with tours of snow walking, cross country skiing, nordic walking, etc

84) Weekly market in Berga

85) 20 km from the Cadi-Moixero park

86) Close proximity to many orienteering trails, bicycle courses (road and off road), climbing areas, horse riding centres, as well as triathlon courses, etc

87) Adventure activities

88) Surrounded by nature

89) Close proximity to La Panta de la Baells (4km) with a 1200m open water swimming course

90) Queralt Monastery (6 km)

91) Close proximity to the River Llobregat, with fishing areas throughout the county

92) Multiple, regular festivals throughout the different towns in the county

93) Mining museum of Cercs, dinosaur remains and footprints in Fumanya, Petrol Mine of Riutort; as well as a rich romanic tapestry throughout the county

94) Excellent locations throughout the county and resources to encounter edible wild mushrooms

95) A diverse range of restaurants and foods throughout the county

96) Many local traditional artesanal products are available throughout the region

97) Close proximity to the local hospital and health services in Berga

98) Close proximity to the local police, national police and fire services in Berga



What you won’t get

99) Many hours stuck in traffic on the motorways

100) The intense heat and humidity of the coast, or the intense winter colds of the high mountains

101) Smog and pollution associated with major urban areas and cities

102) Dust and dirt from overused streets

103) Toll tunnels

104) Red or yellow beach warning flags

105) Urban noise pollution including aircraft, trains, etc.

106) Boredom from the lack of available activities.

107) Cold North Winds


These reasons are dynamic and you will find them daily updated



Berga Resort it’s more than a camping.

See and compare: You will not find anything better!