What to do in Berguedà with the children?


What to do in Berguedà with the children

The country of Berguedà is a great holiday destination for the whole family, even the children. Within the country you can find many activities to do as a family group, from exploring the nature, to sports, sightseeing to festivals.

Even for the youngest of the family there are many different activities that will excite and interest; in the sections below we have outlined some of the things that are available within the area.








There are many different places in Bergueda to visit with the children, places for all the family, traditional farms and animal centres for all to enjoy.

Fuives is the premier centre dedicated to the archetypal Catalan donkey, which differs in many ways to any other breed of donkey; the centre is a very interesting visit to learn more about this historic and distinguished animal.

Camadoca, is a centre for learning about the local floras and faunas, with tours to observe Catalan wildlife in its natural habitat.

Granja natura Navas, A centre to discover about animals and their nature, and also to get up close and personal with a diverse range of local and exotic creatures.


Below are some of the activities that can be encountered in Bergueda for families with children.

Palomera and Borredà adventure parks: Two parks in Bergueda with games and activities in a natural environment with many of the activities being off the ground and up in the trees.

Bergueda Nautic: Activities on the Las Baells reservoir with the possibility to rent kayaks, canoes, motorboats and inflatable crafts.

Hipica Vilaformiu: A horse riding school registered with the Horse-riding Federation which offers a view in to and activities relating to the world of horses; a great place to learn about this magnificent animal.

The Ciment Train (25)

Berga Resort recommends the following museums and locations to visit with the children.

– La Casa de la Patum: The Patum of Berga is one of the oldest festivals in Catalonia with origins in medieval theatre of christians and pagans. The audiovisual tour explains the Patum and its history whilst accompanied by the music and the sounds of the festival. Free Entry.

– Mines Museum, Cercs: The museum of the mines in Cercs explores deep in to the world of coal mining in the region, with visits within the mine via the mine train, the museum explains not only the coal but also the lives that surrounded it.

– Cement Train: The tourist railway of Alt Llobregat, also known as the “cement train” runs between the town of La Pobla de Lillet and the Clot de Moro. With a route of 3.5km, it runs through different spaces of touristic interest, from the vehicle museum at the station in La Pobla, to the Artigas Gardens which were designed by Antoni Gaudi and also to the cement museum which explains a look in to the industry of cement production.

The dinosaurs of Fumanya: this is one of the largest areas within europe to be able to walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs, reputedly over 65 million years old. During the times of opencast mining in the area many dinosaur tracks were uncovered as well as nests with dinosaur eggs.

excursio amb nens al pont de pedret des de Berga Resort bergueda amb bungalows de lloguer, camping, wellness i spa al pirineu catala

– Pont de Pedret & St Quirze Pedret: Here you can find the river Llobregat Which steps under the historical bridge of Pedret. This area is a great area for swimming in the summer months.

– Cadi-Moixero national park, with the Pedraforca Mountain.

– Mountain Trails.