Weekly Markets

Across the region, many of the towns and villages have weekly markets where produce is sold direct to the consumer in small transactions and local environments. Depending on the town, depending on the market day where it is possible to find shoes, clothes, fresh food, plants and local products. The weekly market in Berga is the largest in the county with a wider choice including home ware, games, perfumes and car accessories.


Square, Borredà (9:00 – 13:00).


Town Square, St. George Search (8:00 – 14:00).


Place Galceran de Pinos (arcaded square), Baga (9:00 – 13:00).

City Place, Gironella (8:00 – 14:00).

Market Square, Montmajor (8:00 – 14:00).

Parking Square Athenaeum, Avia (08: 00- 14:00).


St. Maria Casserres (7am - 13:00).

Carretera de Ribes, search (08:00 to 14:00).

Square, Gósol (10:00 to 14:00).


Walk the road, Puig-Reig (08:00 to 13:00).


Walk Plaza Viladomat and Industry, Berga (9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.).

Town Hall Square, Guardiola de Berguedà (08:00 to 14:00).

Town Hall Square, La Pobla de Lillet (8:00 to 14:00)


Walk the road, Puig-Reig (2nd Sunday of the Month) 09: 00-14: 00.