the Bergueda is one of those places that creates memories of sitting around a table.” – Henry Alfonso, 'Berguedà. The mountain tradition table. Millennial kitchen’ (Arola Editions)

Typical foods of Bergueda:

– Mushrooms

The small and aromatic Ceps from the area from the Peguera to the Coll de Pal.

Which mushrooms grow in the pine forests of Capolat from the plateau to the Catllaràs.

Rossinyols with their dazzling patterns which grow in the shade of oak trees.

The rich black mushrooms from the south of the region, where the climate is more to the Mediterranean not the alpine.

– Black Peas

One of the most symbolic foods from the region. Grown in the high mountains, with an unique taste. A perfect accompanying dish for roasted meats, as well as a well kept secret of any experienced local chef. Whilst simple, also very a pleasurable food.

– Mashed potatoes

Made from a local dark potato typical from Bergueda, this is one of the most emblematic dishes of the local region. The potatoes are mixed with Botifara negra (black sausage) and served with bacon, it creates a dish that captivates most palates.

– Quince aioli

A typical sauce from the region, eaten in the autumn and winter months, made from the fruit of the quince (though sometimes as well with apple), garlic, olive oil, egg yolks and seasoned with salt and sugar. This creates a sauce that is full of flavour, and a perfect accompaniment to most meat dishes; or served on its own on just a piece of fresh bread!

– Huntsman’s kitchen and Truffles

As the winter approaches, the tables of the season are likely to include items like Wild Boar, and other seasonally hunted animals as well Truffles.

– Christmas in the Bergueda, sweetcorn (maize) soup

Sweetcorn is perhaps one of Bergueda’s most characteristic yet curious foodstuffs, yet with its own exquisit taste. The modern cooking brings new dishes and presentations yet one that keeps returning is the sweetcorn soup. A dish common during December and at Christmas that local chef Miquel Márquez commented that it is “the dish of peace”.

Restaurants typical Berguedà:

La FondaBerga Resort (Berga) 938 213 080

La CabanaBerga


Cal TravéBerga

Cal Garretà, Avia (Graugés)

Els Roures, Espinalbet (Castellar del Rio)

Sol i CelCal Rosal

Santa BarbaraSearch

Cal Temple, Vilada