10 things to do in Berguedà

El Berguedà is a country to visit in all seasons, with the Catalan Pyrenees; 1 hour from Barcelona.

El Berguedà is a perfect base for many activities, including walking/hiking, orienteering, climbing, mountain biking, visiting museums and locations of cultural interest, or just for relaxing; as well as being an ideal destination for holidays with family or children.

For nature lovers, there is no place finer than the Caddy park, one of the largest and most spectacular of the natural parks within Catalonia; with mountains like Pedraforca as well as protected natural habitats which allows the visitor to get close to nature, as well as offering the opportunities for walking, orienteering, mountain biking, climbing, etc.

For those who prefer cultural elements, there are many museums that chart the evolution of the Alt and Baix Berguedà regions from the times of when dinosaurs roamed right to the present day, as well as romanic churches like Sant Quirze Pedret or industrial history with places like the mines museum of Cercs.

If you prefer live culture, the festival of reference within the county is The Patum, but also other gems can be discovered like the Fia-Faia, La Festa de Segar i Batre and many more.

The gastronomy delights of Alt Berguedà are second to none, offering mountain cuisine including many varieties of mushroom, sweetcorn soups, etc.

Welcome to Berguedà!