We leave you with the “post” que van publicar els amics del SempreViaggiando, que van hospedar-se a Berga Resort durant dues nits i que ens deixen la seva visió d’algunes de les principals atraccions turístiques del Berguedà. Adjuntem el Post íntegre:

Sobre Dinosaures, Miners, Rucs i Santuaris, al Berguedà

Fa molts i molts anys, uns dinosaures es van instal·lar prop d’una mina per la qual passava un tren que portava ciment per una vall preciona ple d’or negre. Al costat d’una cova natural, va sorgir un jardí mpagin ple de formes curioses que van fer que la verge baixés del Santuari amb el seu ruc català. Benvinguts al Berguedà 😉


Okay, was I caught, is a fabricated story but what I do not invent are all xulíssimes curiosísimas and things that are close to Berga. Warning! Dinosaurs, coal mines, railway cement, natural caves full of black gold, sanctuaries overlooking amazing and yes, also the world center of donkey native Catalan.

Recently we were in Glamping in Berga.Glamping? Yes, this fantastic concept that means "going camping with glamor" that is, with all the comforts of a hotel but in the middle of nature. And if I'm honest, I must admit that prior to our experience, believed that there was not much to do in Berga, apart from La Patum. And I was wrong completely. I am not exaggerating if I say that Berga (Berguedà and) is a great destination for a weekend with the family!

We chose especially for Berga accommodation. We wanted a familiar place where we could do things with our daughter in case of cold or rain. And that was near Cerdanya chained to the bridge two days with the family.

It was just there, almost by surprise, that we discovered a lot of things to do with kids around Berga. Therefore, Berguedà already figure in our list Child's favorite destinations.

Things to do near Berga ...

Roman Bridge of Sant Quirze Pedret











A Roman bridge beautiful, well preserved and from which come some hike. Well worth you approach Sant Quirze PedretWhich is only 5 minutes drive from Berga. Reach to the same bridge where there is a fairly large parking and free admission. After crossing the bridge, you have the option to climb to the Sanctuary of Sant Quirze (the ramp or rocks).

monastery of Queralt

Berga views from the Sanctuary of Queralt













A visit to Berga is never complete without going through monastery of QueraltFrom which you have a panoramic view of Berga, Cadí, Montserrat and Montseny. Yes, virtually all central Catalonia! These 15-minute drive uphill on a road with some curves, but worth it.

Fuives: The World Center of Catalan donkey

Fuives, Catalan donkey













A 10-minute drive from Berga is located farm Fuives, The world center of the Catalan donkey, Who is dark with white nose. An animal so ours is worth a visit to meet him better, right? This farm bred donkeys native to conserve the species for 40 years and made visits from 11h to 13h, 5 €.

Mine Search and dinosaur footprints









The Muse Mine Search and Fumanya is a 10 minute drive, allowing you to enter a mine and explore inside. Dropping 800 meters in a mining train and walk out of the mine safely. You can also visit the mining museum to learn how to work the mine and with the bonus final will see dinosaur footprints. Fumanya is an old coal exploitation in the open air where it was discovered a spectacular site with thousands of footprints, bones and dinosaur eggs.

Further afield ... an hour ... Berga

Artigas Gardens in La Pobla de Lillet and Cement Train









Els Artigas Gardens are the work of Antoni Gaudi, which was built by Mr. Artigas as thanks for having it hosted at his home in La Pobla de Lillet. As you can imagine, sorld beautiful gardens, where nature and architecture blend seamlessly. Admission: € 4.15.

Artigas Gardens have just one of the stops l’antic tren del ADDRESSt today carries a tourist circuit. This railway line linking the former Asland cement factory in Castellar de n'Hug with Guardiola de Berguedà, where the railway line came to Berga and Manresa. Aboard the train cement the countryside Berguedà. Also of Artigas Gardens, the train also stops at La Pobla de Lillet, La Pobla Center and the Museum of Cement-Castellar de n'Hug. The journey takes about 20 min.

Sources Llobregat medieval village of Castellar de n'Hug









The river Llobregat is one of the most important of Catalonia and was born in the mountains of Berguedà. More specifically the village of Castellar de n'Hug. An easy and beautiful trip and highly recommended if you go with children. For me, this is one of the excursions mythical and essential Catalonia. Leave your car at the Hostal Las Fuentes and walk 800 meters to climb the fountains or drive to the parking Sources (600m into the woods, once past the hostel).

The tour of the Llobregat sources is well signposted and prepared, with wooden fences. There are several steps but not complicated. In rainy or melting, waterfalls are quite impressive! Admission is free.











After the visit to the Fonts del Llobregat, is highly recommended that you take a stroll through the medieval village of Castellar de n'Hug, 3 km from the sources. Located at the top of the mountain, you have a phenomenal view of Pedraforca.

If you are hungry, you will be delighted to know that Castellar de n'Hug are specialists in making giant croissants and delicious. If it's lunchtime, we recommend restaurant Hostal La Neu, With very good homemade menu for adults and children, serve fast and you have great views of the surrounding countryside.

Petroleum mine of Riutort

Mine Riutort. Photo Gmorenocollado

Mine Riutort. Photo Gmorenocollado















The visit to the Petroleum mine of Riutort performed throughout the galleries of the mine, in fact, more like a natural cave - the unique feature that hides stones impregnated with black gold. During the visit of the explanation to better understand the characteristics of oil, since its formation, extraction and utilization, through its possibilities, problems and uncertainties. Mine Riutort is close to La Pobla de Lillet and entry costs € 4.50.

Where to sleep in Berga

We stayed at it's ideal for and I'd be done with eyes closed. No wonder we were the only chalet No. 7 but also we found a very nice and attentive treatment by the people.

Una menció especial per a l’empleat de recepció que ens va convèncer de pujar al Santuari de Queralt a les 17h, simplement explicant-nos la seva pròpia experiència d’aquell matí i mostrant-nos fotos amb el seu iPhone. Amb gent local tan apassionada per la seva terra és fàcil convèncer els forans 🙂








El Berga Resort és un càmping amb totes les comoditats d’un resort. Una petita “ciutat” dedicada a l’oci i al descans familiar. Nosaltres ens vam decidir per aquest allotjament en veure la quantitat de coses que oferia – era un pla perfecte en cas de pluja o fred:

  • two indoor heated pools (one for swimming, one for play)
  • Chiquipark a huge covered ( "saltypark" they call it) for children from 1 year
  • a playground with slides and zip and several castles of different levels,
  • workshops and activities for children with animators,
  • spa water circuit,
  • tennis and paddle
  • and in the summer: outdoor swimming pools including a small area and waterslide (!!!)

But if you were to ask our daughter what she liked most, I am convinced that I would say: the attic of the villa where we were! The villas are like bungalows but larger. They have two rooms down and a third in a loft that we we were using it as a "game room" and "magical." Our daughter spent two days rehearsing and going up and down the stairs and playing long periods each night in their "attic."

The Berga Resort has bungalows, chalets and mobile homesIn addition to space for tents and caravans. Highly recommended if you book a chalet a family with children, because it has a lot of space and you are very comfortable. Everything is wood, cozy and warm. The temperature perfect, and comfy beds. And I repeat: so yes you can go camping!

The Berga Resort has bungalows, chalets and mobile homesIn addition to space for tents and caravans. Highly recommended if you book a chalet a family with children, because it has a lot of space and you are very comfortable. Everything is wood, cozy and warm. The temperature perfect, and comfy beds. And I repeat: so yes you can go camping!