After arriving in Nepal, the athlete Berga trail closes the season with a podium Templars

Spades finishes third after Jasmin and Nunige Yngvild Kaspersen a test that always brings good memories

I wanted to finish the season with a career and the best option was the Templars. Is proof that I love”, deia Picas



“Nepal was and I realized that I really wanted to finish the season with a career and the best option was Templars. I felt very happy because it is a test that love for travel and for people, and that brings me good memories“. Said and done. After a month doing mountaineering in Nepal, just a few days after landing home Nuria Picas set sail in Millau to participate in a test which always wants: the Grand Templar Trail. Champion in 2012, 2013 and 2014, Spades has returned to competition with a great third place after 8h22'42” race in the 76km and 3550m of ascent of the gala event. The Swiss was first Nunige Jasmin (8h00'52 ”) And the young Norwegian Yngvild Kaspersen second (8h13'57”).

Nunige second last year, has taken the lead from the start, making a difference of 3'24 longer in step with the first checkpoint, second sink, and led the race until the end. The athlete has run Berga large part of the route beside the young Yngvild Kaspersen and took turns in the second position. “Nunige has distanced itself soon and I've been really Yngvild. The gains threw it a little more and in the end I was third. I did not know how I feel because it came after a month in Nepal Mountaineering doing. The truth is that I felt very well despite having no specific training. This shows that the legs and especially the head are strong“, Explained Picas.

Thus, after Nunige Kaspersen and crossed finish Nuria PicasWith a smile and accompanied by her after completing a circuit paths that crossed the medieval Knights Templar. It knows that a podium and allows Berga collect another success in a test that runs through the area of ​​the Grands Causses, France, and which unites a very special bond. theGrand Templar Trail is a classic event of the calendar year after year, always takes place on the last Sunday of October. “I felt fine physically and I was surprised that I kept the pace because I had not ran. I gave it my all and I'm really satisfied. It was a somewhat strange season but has helped me learn and I made some great moments, such as Home or Home to the podium Templars“Concluded Spades.