Water Monitoring bats as an indicator of the state of river ecosystems in Catalonia. project QuiroRius

Thursday 25th and 21h, we will be in the parking lot of the institute Guillem de Berguedà to go to Pedret

We endure a sandwich that we eat in the same area as we Pedret introductory explanation bats and QuiroRius Project (half an hour). Then proceed to apply for a recount protocol QuiroRius bats observed.

QuiroRius project objectives are:

  • To quantify the evolution of bat populations throughout the territory of water, protected species and endangered
  • Determine the quality of aquatic ecosystems, as invertebrate hunt bats are sensitive to the quality of the environment and if there is any disturbance, they quickly decline and rebound, bat populations are also affected.
  • Disclosure of the requirements to maintain the quality of aquatic ecosystems.