And this is the opinion of your experience with us in the family that made the blog: “European vacation”.


Recently we were invited by the campsite it's ideal for to test their facilities. The result of a wonderful weekend we published this article that collects all sincerity our impressions and experience on this site.

Berga Resort romántico

As its name suggests, the site is located in Berga (704 m), at the foot of the sanctuary of Queralt, capital of the Berguedà and famous for holding the Patum de Bergadeclared World Heritage Site by Unesco. One of its attractions is that it is in the province of Barcelona, ​​just over an hour of the Catalan capital. So it's very easy to leave the stress and pollution of the big city for a few minutes feel the comfort and peace of nature and the mountain.


Not to mention the savings in fuel and time especially because being so close to home is much easier to stretch the weekend. In fact and not being high season, the departure time can take up to late Sunday, how well we did.


The campsite is facing south. The services are in the lower part and as you go up through the plots of caravans and modules to the top reach the bungalow area.

Berga y Sierra del Cadí desde Berga Resort

Bungalows Berga Resort

The first impression upon seeing the bungalows is that you will be very welcome. We stayed in one of four places that fit perfectly with our needs but there are also larger.


Bungalows de Berga Resort

All are willing south and overlooking Berga and mountains. the sanctuary of Santa Maria de Queralt is also seen. Each bungalow has a porch with table and chairs. There is no separation, no hedges or trees to keep an intimacy with respect to neighboring bungalows because the distance between them is enough.

For us it was not a problem and also in January was not full, which was not upset, but do not know how it is in high season. The turf is artificial, so it is perfectly maintained, is very nice and gives a stylish look to the whole area.


Camping Berga Resort

If outside and the quality of accommodation is appreciated, inside this impression is confirmed. Everything is perfectly placed, no cracks or flaws and finishes are of very good quality.


The distribution is also ideal as there is separation between the bedroom and the children. Obviously space is exploited to the millimeter, but the rooms have wardrobe and beds are comfortable. A plus point is that the bungalows are fully equipped and do not need to carry or bedding, or towels. When you leave just one weekend, the return is appreciated not throw you putting washing two days.


Al lado de la habitación de los peques hay una puerta para el wc y otra estancia independiente para el plato de ducha, que hay que decir que es muy grande y perfecto para ducharse con niños pequeños. Beside the kids room there is a door to the toilet and a separate room for the shower, you have to say it is very large and perfect for showering with young children. Caben perfectamente dos personas, así que la logística de los baños se facilita enormemente. Perfectly fit two people, so the logistics of the bathrooms is greatly facilitated.


Between the two rooms is the dining room and the kitchen. If you have to put any but the accommodation is that maybe the kitchen is a little narrow and luxury also it had been a dishwasher. Anyway perfectly it fulfills its mission nor steals dining space. Cookware and utensils are correct, although a fair bit number. One piece per head, which makes continuously have to be washing dishes. However, you find yourself in this what all campsites, this is no exception.


Now writes exclusively the father of the family: the bungalow has something that many will like and be surprised. The TV has Canal +. If friends, each bungalow plot has connection to plus, and what it means, you can see the completely free football in your bungalow. This is the first time I see it and have been to a few campsites. Unfortunately, there is no express service canguraje and I could not see the Barca game since my kids required my presence in the pool…



It is the strong point of the campsite. You have two choices: come to Berga Resort to relax and not move a muscle throughout the weekend and still not stop for a second. It's up to you. A weekend at full capacity at this campground and salts prepared to make Iron Man. For those who go with children, you alucinaréis with parks and services offered to small daydreams whenever nombréis them this campsite.


Piscina interior

Poder bañarse en la piscina en plena temporada de invierno es un gustazo. La piscina es de 25 metros y tiene cuatro carriles ideales para los que les gusta nadar. Este fue nuestro caso, aproveché el fin de semana para hacer unos largos mientras los pequeños jugaban en la piscina pequeña. La piscina infantil está a una buena temperatura, ni fría ni caliente, pero al estar situada junto a un gran ventanal, el sol calienta y las tardes son ideales para pasar un buen rato a remojo. Los más pequeños lo agradecieron un montón. Es obligatorio que los menores entren acompañados de un adulto, pero la instalación dispone de vigilante. No olvidéis el gorro, si no, tendréis que comprar uno para poder acceder.


A small drawback, inside the pool has hammocks, therefore, for those who prefer a book to water make the wait a little uncomfortable.

Piscina interior 25 metros


If you are fans wellnessBerga Resort is also your campsite, and is next to the pools there is a full spa with a bubble pool and set of hot stone hammocks to relax. Around the pool bubble, it is the sauna, sanarium, steam baths and shower temple, in which you can throw you a bowl of cold water at once. Fully recommended.


In addition, and very remarkable it is that consider families with children with special hours, and prior reservation between 14:30 and 16h family to enjoy also the spa. In many places with such facilities, we have found that having the free entry, we could not go because we were accompanied by children. It is the perfect place to relax after a game of paddle or, better yet, after a morning session on the ski slopes.


If you want to enjoy this service, ask about it at the reception, not all users have access. It will depend on the rate you pay for your stay.


Spa Berga Resort

Spa del camping Berga Resort

Outdoor pool

Although he made a own spectacular weekend of April or May to January, still you could not use the outdoor pool, but wanted we were not lacking, especially for the fun slide that was and promises to be the star of the summer in the camping.


Piscina exterior del camping Berga Resort

Saltipark and Mini Club

Si tenéis hijos esto son palabras mayores, tanto para ellos como para vosotros. Junto a la piscina se encuentra este espacio, justo por debajo del área social. En una parte de la instalación, los niños realizan innumerables actividades y talleres que se organizan. En la otra zona les espera un espectacular castillo de bolas túneles y colchonetas. Os podemos asegurar que también en ideal para vosotros, porque el área social queda justo por encima, y puedes estar tranquilamente tomando algo, viendo el fútbol, o jugando a algún juego de mesa mientras los observas por el cristal. Es un acierto 100% ya que te permite evadirte un poco de las obligaciones paternas. Y los pequeños están bajo la vigilancia continua de los animadores.

Mini Club

Salti Park

Fitness center

Next to the area to take something, is the gym. He did not give us time to try it, but only you and wanted to say that city many gyms have equipment like this. We're not talking about four machines if not a real gym. Spacious and pleasant.

Gimnasio camping Berga Resort

paddle courts

It sports fashion, everyone practices it, is easy, fun and addictive. Berga Resort there are several tracks to make your camping experience is complete.


Among the pools is a fun playground complete with swings varied, cars, castles and even a zip line that will delight the little ones. It really is very nice and is another must for them.

Parque infantil

Hikes Berguedà

This Catalan region offers visitors a multitude of excursions and activities to do. We highlight two: the visit to Pedraforca (2,507 m) the emblematic Catalan summit. It is very easy to see it from the road to Saldes. There are a couple of viewpoints photographically perfect for immortalize. If we follow this road we can visit the villages of Saldes (1,215 m), which foot rests of massive Pedraforca and Gòssol (1,502 m), a charming little town where Picasso lived for a while.

El Pedraforca

Also no you can not miss the visit to the Sanctuary of Queralt (1,200 m) just above Berga and in a beautiful setting with interesting places to visit as the sanctuary itself and the hatching de la trovalla. Special mention deserves the fantastic views of the entire region and Montserrat mountains, he Montseny the la Mola.

Santuari de Queralt

Rating holidays in Europe

This is when the classic question arises ¿Would you recommend this campsite? Of course. It has everything, quality accommodations, spectacular facilities, paddle, Swimming pools, children's activities and is located in an optimal situation, near the big city and very close to great natural attractions of the Pyrenean region.

If to that you add a charming, attentive and caring staff because your stay a success, we have very clear answer. A resounding yes.

Diversión en Berga Resort

Berga Resort is ideal for family, for those who want to go skiing (slopes less than 45 minutes), for fans paddle, For those who enjoy backpacking, or just for those who want to rest and relax quietly with an aperitif on the terrace of the bungalow.

Aperitivo en el camping