Nuria Picas put as major goals of the season and the Ultra Trail World Tour World Championships

Spades seek to do the treble in the world circuit of long distance TransGranCanaria holdings in Madeira and UTMB

The athlete also participate in the Buff Epic Trail, this year will be the World Championship long distance in addition to other races that have a special bond as the Pyrenees or Ultra Trail Horse

Berga, 10/02/2016

The athlete Nuria Picas has, once again, a very ambitious season trail. After confirming itself as one of the best ultra runners in the world, sink not to get counted and challenges "Every year I try to schedule my clear goals, because having dreams makes you do terrible things. Objectives are real, but they are not easy. This is what motivates me and what makes me better as a runner". This year, Spades has set two main objectives: theUltra Trail World Tour (UTWT) i the World Championship Ultratrail. As explained "I'm about to start an exciting season, I am very motivated and goal this year will go to race and race challenge to challenge. For me all are important dates marked on the calendar and the rest will come alone". In addition to these two objectives Spades sporting calendar has included some races especially motivating.

The season begins in three weeks on the island of Gran Canaria, where Nuria Picas participate in the Transgrancanaria (125km, 7.500m D +). In this season premiere, and part of the Ultra Trail World Tour, Spades seek third victory in a test where you feel comfortable with the route and distance. Returning Canary Spades continue training in the area of ​​Berguedà, where he usually resides, to prepare for the next stage of UTWT the Madeira Island Ultra TrailWhich covers 115km of the Atlantic island of the archipelago accumulate until 6.850m of positive difference.

After Madeira, Spades will prepare for a challenge that thrilled the Horse Road, 185km race around the island of Menorca, which according to him "It is a career that will allow me to go around the island in a single day and more than a race is a long dream that I danced head and now I will have the opportunity to do it."After completing the challenge, Nuria will be fully prepared in one of the goals of the season: the World Championship Ultratrail be held in the framework of the Buff Epic TrailAnd set in the Vall de Boi in the Aigüestortes National Park and Sant Maurici "I'm very excited that this race, which is organized my main support, is this year's world championship. It has a beautiful route and it takes really impressive so I am glad that runners from around the world come to discover it". After passing the Buff Epic Trail, Spades try again conquer theUTMB a Chamonix (170km, 9.600m D+) i que també forma part de l’Ultra Trail World Tour.

Finally, Spades close the season in the race for home, Salomon Ultra Pyrenees (110km, 6.600m + D) to be held the last weekend of September in the Natural Park of Cadí.

With all these races do Spades seek treble the Ultra Trail World Tour at the same time meet new trail running through the corners. Meanwhile, the athlete prepares a personal project of Berga in June to combine his passion for running and mountain and explain shortly.