In early January we visited family from Madrid blogger: “Drink Geek“And this is what they wrote on their experience with us, and activities made by Berguedà.

Berga Resort: My Life in a Bungalow

In this family we are very holiday, since my first summer getaway've always done somewhere. The first was the Canary Islands, a cute hotel with children's entertainment, play areas, workshops… Sólo olvidaban mencionar que en septiembre ya era temporada baja y todo eso estaba cerrado. Allí descubrimos que los hoteles están diseñados por alguien que odia a las mamás y a los camareros y quiere dar un campo de recreo a los peques. Los buffets libres tienen los platos y tazas justito a la altura de un niño de un año. Ponen chuches, fuentes de chocolate y sobre todo escalones, en lugares inverosímiles. Entras siempre por el ángulo muerto de quien está cogiendo comida, ves primero los postres (esto me hizo inventar el plato estrella de hace dos años, el maíz con helado de chocolate)… So since the options of apartments in any of its variants it was what most excites us because we have freedom of meals, naps and others.

But friends, that was because we know nothing of the world of camping. We had not ever walked oriented make happy the whole family resort, not only the kids, come on, that we had not known Berga Resort.

it's ideal for It is an old-fashioned camping but with Amazing facilities ranging from parking in all areas, access to common areas and even outdoor baths equipped in the camping area. But also it has a significant amount of Bungalows for all kinds of family and stay, from couples to modular for 6 people. All with parking at the door, fully equipped, with barbecues, common areas… And even with wifi! .

They are right next to the Catalan Pyrenees so you go out in the morning on the porch and you find the Montana staring at you. Well, that and parks every few meters, we had one right next must see nothing but rise.

The kitchen It was the most, however, Even coffee and toaster! So when we arrived and we saw it we decided we could live there forever, I chose my bed and seized the knob whilemy mother, who is his, began to cook dad. also have aire acondicionado frío/calor, y calefactores en todas las estancias garantizan una temperatura agradable todo el año.Baño y ducha separados y una sala común con tele, mesa y sofá muy agradable.

Cara de felicidad de mami por no cocinar 😀 Cara de felicidad de Miguel por dormir a pierna suelta

El porche tenía hipnotizada a mi madre. Parece que le hacía especial ilusión salir por la mañana a sentarse. Y es que yo me levantaba a la voz de:¡PARQUE DE BOLASSSS! y siempre me respondían con un Anda coge el balón a ver si dando unas patadas te desfogas. And it is that another advantage of Bungalow plus is that you have a fence lady completely separates the garden from the passageway and also share that space with other bungalows so it's rare when there is no any other child the area to play, or what is better, tantrums, which is not onlykidsfriendlyAlso the bugs treat them royally.

Perhaps the only downside we put it is that depending on the area throw the garbage caught him a bit far. My father went hiking and did not return because we think all the way down without car “take a walk”.

The rooms are all exterior and have windows, sliding door access was great, although the first day parendí to remove the safe and almost won me be punished up to 19 years – as usual – the little time we spent in the bungalow enjoyed the views and light so happy we wandered around the room at our leisure.

In addition we catch the last gasps of christmas decoration so the whole area was unbeatable.

And we still have the best, the facilities, but that I tell you another day to put you the long teeth.

And you, Do you belong to camping or hotel? Do you like spaces designed for families or going for free? Have you ever been camping? Are you dejaríais seduced by a bungalow?

Berga Resort: Facilities

Berga Resort is designed so you can stay there and never leave. You have all communities in the world and common areas of all kinds. We are going to have some things that you can find.


My family is no gym. My mom says that tired a lot and sweat and stuff. I think if you ask your most positive experience was the day I stopped giving gymnastics at school. Hatreds recognized the Cooper test and torture Potro as he calls it. So we gossiped from outside and the truth is that the facilities were amazing. There were people giving their all with earmarks of being real professionals. Shame should give my parents did not stepping on a gym, man!

SALTI PARK (aka Parque de bolasssssssss)

The first words were nothing more awakening: “Park Bolassssss”. Perhaps if my parents were not so weary we would not have gone there ever. But never, never. The kids of less than three years must be accompanied, that is a little boring for adults until suddenly the girl tells you that you can get on the slide. my mother always saying informative desire, not cut when up to your particular project Blair Witch climbing with little dignity to the heights to test the slide.He finished sweating so much that if you ask maybe had preferred to go to the gym for a while.

The ball park has two areas, one for babies up to 4 years and a super big for the elderly. There are always many babies, and celebrate birthdays almost every day with face painting and activities.

Of all the cool stuff I have to say I had a platonic love with Dragon Ball Park. It was pure love, all mine, I do not admit anybody mess with him and hope that if you go give him lots of kisses from me.

In the entrance area there is also a play area with giant dolls and UAN slate. And in the background, and this almost nobody will see because they are so rancid two fish, one orange and one gold. I do not know if I mentioned that I fixing-obsession with fish, so it was a must.

Mini Club area and the meet is right at the top of the play area.


For three months we were disappointed. and that is if you know me know that I like pintacaras bad thing. And precisely on Saturday afternoon played facial decoration with paint (it has been my super-poetic). Sunday morning They had also activities and crafts. So that you know dear parents, is the ideal for letting the kids and enjoy the spa time. From three years old.


I love the pool. I'm a merman. But my pool every day is not nearly as cool as this. It has jets! Maybe it is not very orthodox say most fun of facilities are the waterfalls, but what can I say, I have encanado me.

He had no thing to do to give the button every time I finished the jet.

The larger pool was also huge and always had very few people so it was great for my dad walks slowly than nothing.

In addition they had just beside the water circuit, also known as Spa and was super cool because they stuck by me alone and go without me.


what I can say is hearsay because I have not missed me but apparently it was amazing. Both my parents wanted to go and take care of myself took turns cursing the time I was 3 years not to be a tribute both together relajadetes in the pool that bubble. Summary: I think they want more to Spa than me.


There are many and varied. The park of the lower zone It is the largest of all the grounds but has several in different parts of the camping area. Furthermore the largest have aSocial Club from 12 years to talk about their things and flawed AWP area.


Whoever says that children can not go running are very wrong. On Saturdays a little later than 19 hours mounted in the social area the Mini Disco, monitor, and many radio hits.

Dancing dance, but older almost as much as the kids.


If you go for a short time the girl the store will attend a wonderful and nothing unreasonable price. It has products of all types and tips to spend a pleasant evening in the area. warm bread and a smile, what more do you want?

There's also a restaurant with children's menus. The truth is that we did not try because we are very pennants and wanted to enjoy our pace that usually does not match schedules decent people.


Weekends have two film sessions, higher Saturday night and children on Sunday afternoon. A pleasant experience for distraction.


It may seem silly but after our slamming the pool every day I was watching in the social area Ninja Turtles. A short time with a girl who was as hooked me. And there was no way to kick us out of there hand in hand with the drawings.

On Fridays and Saturdays they close at 12 pm so you do the hooligan with other babies if anyone is encouraged without getting cold.


I recognize that the outdoor facilities were, the less desirable also sowe have heard the animations of summer time are the most. We saw pools from outside. cochina for those who have the opportunity to enjoy summer envy. The big slide was tempting but the kids area with waterfall house and left me totally fascinated. We have to go back!

The sports They are also outdoors. I must admit that surely the gentlemen who give the racket are braver than us, that Madrid calorcete prefer to take a little game, you know, spring-summer. They were always on top, by the way.