The athlete repeats victory in the demanding test of 125km and 8.500m of positive difference that was held today on the island of Gran Canaria


With a time of 16h55 'Spades has no options to their rivals and hangs the first victory of the season in a race that is part of the Ultra Trail World Tour circuit


"The race was very intense, long and hard. I've been good for much of the race but also I had very hard times. I thank all the support and encouragement of the spectators canaries in tough times are the ones who make you move"Explained Nuria Picas


Berga 7/03/2013



Nuria Picas, partner and friend of Berga Resort TransGranCanaria wins for the second year. This demanding ultra marathon, which takes place on the island of Gran Canaria, accumulating runs 125km to 8.500m of altitude.

The test is part of the Ultra Trail World Tour, a series of iconic racing around the world, all of them of more than 100km. The TransGranCanaria the first test circuit on European soil, so a handful of elite athletes in the continent have attended the event with the intention of scoring points to qualify for the title.



After the victory in this race last year Spades started as a favorite. However Spades warned before the race that did not reach 100% shape, and would have to fight against big rivals. And so it was. The start list was full of big winners of mountain races. But none of them has overcome Spades in a new exhibition has stopped the clock at 16h55 '.


"I am really delighted with this victory, I did not know if I could get back because it did not reach 100%. I do not know if it could have achieved without the support of the people of the Canary Islands. With their support and their encouragement I grasp at times harder"Explained Spades.


The race kicked off Friday night at 11 Agaete from the north of the island. From there, 125km have led the athletes to cross the island to the south end, with the goal to Maspalomas Beach. Technical sections that pass sections legendary as Roque Nublo and Pico de las Nieves, the highest point on the route to 1.938m. A hard test, combined with a more common enemy by many runners: heat. The Mercury marked temperatures around 25 degrees during the day. At night, however, the athletes had to fight the wind and haze. Many runners have been surprised by these weather conditions and have been forced to leave.


There was the case of Spades, which concentrated on the start of the race, and starts with the group leader. In the first kilometers has been with the group of top five runners and explained "One of my advantages in this race that I know well and I know the tour is very demanding. So it was important to go slowly and see what feelings I had. I soon saw that I was well and could begin to fight”.


In Altavista, refreshment of the 27 kilometer, there came Spades leader. It was almost three in the morning. During the following hours Spades concentrated on ensuring an advantage to their rivals. As explained "I went pretty fast in the beginning of the race because I was fine. During the night I enjoyed a lot, wearing a cheerful rhythm and I was fine. The temperature was ideal for me and I've been adding kilometers”.


Teror reached (56 km) away with great respect for their rivals. In fact, at this point, with 30 'difference with last year. This intense pace has led complications in the first part of the race "It was at this point that I felt bad, I had an unexpected drop in performance and the truth is that I struggled a lot to manage the race from there to the end”.


A little recovered, the first rays of sun received Nuria Picas the climb to Cruz Tejeda. From there we had to start emblematic parts of the race; Roque Nublo and Pico de las Nieves. On this last point, at kilometer 84, Spades was 22 minutes ahead of the second runner and leader climbed to Maspalomas. Before that, he still lacked the last forty kilometers, where it was necessary to fight. In Tunte (kilometer 94) Spades is played arrived, but died "I had to fight and make a great effort to be able to maintain the lead. Many times crossed my mind to leave, but I managed to control myself and go forward, putting small challenges me every time”.


Finally, the experience and talent of Spades have been demonstrated when, after 16h55 'crossed the finish line at the south end of the island. Upon arrival, he smiled and told Spades "I am very satisfied with the race, although I have not yet assimilated what it means to me. It was hard, very intense, but I'm happy with this win and keep thinking about the next few races this temproada"


This victory is certainly an excellent start to the season for Spades, which has, again, the application title Ultra Trail World Tour.