Nuria Picas third to just Tarawera Ultra Marathon Nova Zealand.

The test of 100 km and 2.610m of positive difference, is the first stop of the Ultra Trail World Tour, which won the 2014 Spades

“The race was very different from what I'm used to, very flat and very little difference. I feel that I still kilometers of entrenamentper be ready. However, a race is impressive, very beautiful in some incredible places”, Declared Nuria Picas.


Berga, 7 February 2015

Nuria Picas has released today the trail running season. The debut was in Tarawera Ultra Marathon, a Nova Zelanda. La prova és part de l’Ultra Trail World Tour, el circuit internacional d’ultra maratons que Picas va vèncer el 2014.


Nuria Picas came to New Zealand to start adding kilometers and competition to discover the most important race of this island in the southern hemisphere. Given the expected 100km and 2.610m of positive difference, who ran around four lakes, waterfalls and lush forests with nature in a landscape of dreams, of the relevant parts of the culture of the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.




A little alpine race, different kind of test usually play Nuria Spades: “The test is very flat, with very little difference compared to what I'm used normally. This has made me difficult because usually my forte downloads. However I feel that I was missing training to be fine because I have suffered a lot during the race”Explained Nuria Picas


The test began at 6 am local time from the locality RotoruaIn the North Island of New Zealand. From there surrounded Lake Tikitapu until Okareka, where there was the first supplies. Ruby Muir, winner of the race in 2013, came in first place. The Shona Stephenson continued, and third came Nuria Spades. From the beginning it has been clear in great form Muir returning to racing after an injury.


From there the runners went to the refreshment point in the second Okatina (37 km), after crossing a number of ways to tropical forests. Muir continued strong leading arm while Spades came with two runners, Shona Stephenson and Ruth Croft.


The second part of the race, the runners would take the third large extent, the impressive waterfalls Tarawera (km 60), in an incomparable setting.


From the Tarawera Falls was the last part of the race, on a sunny day with a temperature ideal for running. The positions at the head of the female race have not been exchanged and Ruby Muir crossed the line as winner with a time of 9h02'45. The Ruth Croft has followed with 9h14'36 ” and the third step of the podium, Nuria Picas, who stopped the clock at 9h40'49 ”.


On arrival Spades commented: “The landscapes through which it passes the race are impressive and completely different than we have in Europe. I'll take this experience, since I'm happy with the level of competition have managed to keep me in the third position and make the podium ”


With this third Nuria Picas begins a season that will last until September. For now, start preparing the TransgrancanariaWhich will be held within one month in the island of Gran Canaria.



Classificació Tarawera Ultra Marathon1. Ruby Muir – 9h02’45’’
2. Ruth Croft – 9h14’36’’
3. Nuria Picas – 9h40’49’’