On 20 November the Pavilion of Sweden has hosted the event Certification Berga as Family Tourism Destination (DTF)A seal of specialization of theCatalan Tourism granted to a municipality or group of municipalities and / or territory and certifying that offers certain services and facilities that are tailored to the needs of families with children. Such certified destinations until two years ago were basically beach and now will be the third destination Berga indoor certified after Àneu Valleys and Mountains of Prades.


The event was chaired by the Minister for Enterprise and Employment, Felip Puig, accompanied by the Mayor of Berga, Juli Gendrau; the director general of the Catalan Tourism, Xavier Sword; Director of Regional Services for Business and Employment in Central Catalonia, Barbara Minoves; and the president of the County Council of Berguedà Sergi Roca.


. Minister Puig and institutional representatives also delivered to Berga Resort and 33 establishments Berguedà plate attached to the company as proof seal DTF.


it's ideal for tourist accommodation ideal for families with children to the wide range of facilities and activities for the whole family.


During his speech, the Minister Puig wanted to convey, on behalf of the Government, recognition of establishments and local DTF Berga for their co-operation and • contribution, he said, the fact that Catalan bid "has gone a step further in the consolidation of family tourism, "and thanked the companies" its effort to make Catalonia a tourist country modern, demanding and quality, "he said.


When granting the certification, taken into account the wide range designed for families consisting of, among other proposals, numerous trails and routes for excursions; water activities the swamp Baells and tourism and adventure; museums and cultural spaces aimed at all audiences including the House Patum, Space Nature Interpretation Berguedà and the mining colony of Sant Corneli (search), where the Cercs Mine Museum; and the possibility of guided tours and themed. To all this must be added a wide range of leisure activities of all types designed specifically for children and restaurants with gastronomic Catalan cuisine and with local produce of high quality and long tradition.


With this new certification, the Catalan Tourism continues in the line of promoting tourism in the interior of CataloniaWith the aim of diversifying the existing tourism and stimulate local economies through tourism. In this sense, ACT has worked hard to adapt the DTF certification model, which was originally intended for the coastal municipalities, this new model allows certified mountain and inland destinations.