The athlete and member of Berga Resort Nuria Picas, finished second in the Ultra Trail of Montblanc, in which was his first participation in a test of long distance.

Nuria Picas crossed the goal of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMBS) in second place with a time of 24:32:20 after traveling 168 kilometers of the race.

The UTMBS is one of the legendary racing circuit trail running.

The race start on Friday 30 August at 16:30 in the French town of Chamonix. The sun shone hard and pleasant temperature accompanied the runners in the first section of the route. Spades came in first place at the first point of assistance Contamines (31 km, 1170). From there began the first ascent to the strong Croix du Bonhomme (44 km, 2443 m). The Catalan athlete continued apace and in first place "The first three hours of the race I felt very good and I really enjoyed both the atmosphere as the tour"

Crossing the border with Italy to Col de la Seigne (km 60, 2516m), Spades moved decisively through the dark, though, as he recognized, was one of his handicaps "For me the worst part of the race was when it was night and the following hours. It's a strange sensation, I go running alone with the front without knowing exactly where it goes or not to measure distances. I noticed that the rate fell from my body and took me forward”.

The American Rory Bosio passed, but as already explained above, Spades played their race, reserving forces for the final stages and not letting themselves be carried away by the pressure.

The Col de la rye began a steep descent through the ridge that du Mont-Favre (km 68, 2435m) down to Courmayeur (km 77, 1200m), where Spades came 2h am. In a very short supplies, the Catalan was preparing to face what would be a long night "The night has made me very long, and I had more problems with the food because it was difficult to find something that I feel like eating". The expected rise, as in Switzerland, the legendary Grand Col Ferret (km 99, 2537m), one of the most difficult stretches of the race.

From Col Ferret began a steep slope that led down to the next point to attend Champex-Lac (122 km, 1477m), where he became visibly tired. There, after the refreshment Spades was able to recover the situation and take advantage of its great capacity for concentration and mental strength to retain the second position, despite carrying Emma Roca stuck heels. To reach Trient (139 km, 1300m) returned to catch a good rhythm, which he knew to preserve until the end "To be the day, everything went better. "

Very excited, Spades came to Chamonix crowning test runner with a time of 24:32:20. After crossing the finish line, the athlete starred in some very emotional greeting to all those who had come to Chamonix to encourage it, and expressed gratitude to the technical team that accompanied during the provisioning and all the people who supported him during all those hours.

Spades, there was no specific targets to confront this evidence, claimed to be very satisfied with the result "Right now I'm tired and I've suffered a lot in some parts of the race, but the truth is I'm very happy with the result. Participating for the first time in a race so long and having achieved this position is a great achievement for me. I could not have done without the aid or aid stations for the people who come to accompany me"

With this major foray into the world of long distance Spades become one of the most fit athletes in the current panorama trail.

Source and photo: Press Nuria Picas