The athlete Nuria Picas shared three days with riders and fans as part of his first training camp

The training camp has been three days of training, trips to the mountains, lectures, technical exercises and other activities in and around Berga, training ground for athlete

"I am very happy and I think everyone enjoyed it very well.

Nuria Picas is a very positive assessment of what has been his first training camp.

More than 40 participants from all over Spain took part in the first edition in Berga, the athlete has been deemed a success "I am very happy and I think everyone enjoyed it very well. ”.

The training camp started Friday 6 September when participants were reaching it's ideal for, Where he stayed and served as a basis to carry outlets. The space is ideal because we could all enjoy the spa facilities, as well as being a perfect starting point for various activities. "

The first exit on Friday consisted of a departure from Can Cerdanyola, near the town of Baga the refuge of St. George, following the route of the Wind Horses.

Saturday expected output from Baga to the Eagle 's Nest ( 2400m ) .

Sunday, close to the field, there was a departure to Corbera Meadows, where Spades technical exercises showed the race participants, some of whom cheered and showed their exercises, and thus

The experience was very enriching Spades, who hopes to repeat it in the future "I am very grateful for the work done from Berga Resort and especially the volunteers who came to help me and have made the field a success. .

From now Nuria Picas will focus on preparing for the Extreme Wind Horses will be held on September 21 in Baga, which is one of the major goals of the season

Text: Press Nuria Picas

Photo: Jorge Garcia (Localprint)