The athlete and member of the sports club Berga Resort Nuria Spades won the mythical Wind Horses for the third consecutive time. Spades had no rival in the course of the trial, which dominated with an iron hand against Uxue Fraile and Laia Andreu.

Ultra Wind Horses is a mountain race of 100km and 13 320 vertical meters accumulated that runs between eight mountain refuges in Cadí Moixeró.

"I really wanted to do well, finishing the season with a treble and I'm very happy.

Nuria Picas dominated the annual Horse Wind, who won with a time of 12:05:45. This is the third time the Berga wins in this race, after victories in 2011 and 2012. The athlete was the eleventh in the overall standings, confirming a great race.

This year the race was held on Saturday 21 September. As a new essential organization foresaw an expansion of the route, 85km of up to 100, and total accumulated 13 320 vertical meters. The race, starting and finishing in the town of Baga mythical traced the route linking eight mountain refuges in Cadí Moixeró.

At 7 am Spades excited to see the environment that existed in the streets of Baga, with over 1000 runners waiting for the starting gun.

Spades came out hard from the start, in a race that knows very well, as is their usual training ground. From the exit so as Nuria Picas Basque Uxue Fraile imposed their rhythm and took the lead of the race. In the first controls both runners came close together, with a few minutes difference "The first climb was tough until the Eagle Nest is hard. He knew he had to keep a comfortable pace without alarmed me and sharing it with my people, and so I did.

Spades, however, know how to play their game and went from less to more, as usual in her and came to control every time it set. Extending 100km journey did not seem to bother the athlete "I have not found it difficult for the extension route. As the Kilian, the more kilometers more fun, and in my case I enjoyed expansion route. Bellver down, which is a nice place I really liked. "

From the town of Bellver (39 km) race climbed the shelter Prat d'Aguilo (58km), after crossing the mountains of the Cadi Pas Gosolans and from there follow the route of the tour refuges up to Baga. From Prat Aguilo Nuria Spades began to take away some leeway with its competitor.

Spades did not forgive and from there he set the pace to the finish, where he arrived with a time of 12:05:45. The runner came Baga victorejada for all attendees and moved, thanked the support of the fans and had a special record " I have a very special record Farriol Teresa and her family. Today I ran thinking about it, all we had a record and where we are with it. I would also like to thank all the people who came to see us and encourage us, I get goose bumps every time has been very special. This victory is for all of you. "

The brokerage said it expects to continue competing in the race for many years "I really wanted to do well, finishing the season with a treble and I'm very happy. I very much appreciate this race is my home and come back as long as the body allows me”.


Baga 21/09/2013

Text: Press Nuria Picas

Picture: Jordi Saragossa