Last weekend, facilities it's ideal for welcomed the concentration of most of the components and the director of Technical Centre Racing Mountain (CTCMC) FEEC, Arnau Anguera. The Centre's main objective trained runners aged between 16 and 23 years old who want to compete at the highest sporting level.

Berga Resort, a regular contributor to the FEEC (Federation of Hikers Entities of Catalonia)Ceded their facilities to develop training scheduled for the weekend.

The concentration began Saturday at 15 am, with the first training session specific intensity rise.

Diumenge al matí els esportistes es van desplaçar fins al bages per participar a la Cursa de 10 Km de Callús. La carrera va ser encapçalada des del primer moment per Diego Cardozo (CE Besalú), qui als últims metres de la cursa va demostrar el gran companyerisme que hi ha al grup, i va esperar els companys Carles Artigas (AE Escoltes i Guies) i Jan Margarit (UE Matadepera) per creuar la línia d’arribada plegats i completar un podi íntegrament compost per esportistes del Centre.

The 4th place went to Eloy Borras (EC Capafonts Mountain). Very good positions and worked well Terns David (Ski Club Camprodon SE), Sergi Brau (EC Solsona), Manuel Rullán (EC Pontsicà) and Biel Mossoll (EC Olot). In the women, Joan Roma (EC Torello) was ranked 1st place in the category sub-23.

Arnau Anguera, Director of CTCMC: "We are very grateful to Berga Resort received the treatment and leave us their facilities to make this concentration. Thank you and until the next "

Text and photo: Berga Resort