On May 4, he played the legendary Mezzalama is the last race of the season for skiing and is carried out in Italy. The test is very technical, develops mostly in altitudes above 4,000 meters and is done in teams of three.

Mireia Miró, A member of the sports club it's ideal for, Teamed up with French and Italian Laëtitia Roux Pellisa Gloriana. The team was considered as favorite to take the victory, but the Italian skier began to be wrong shortly after the race began. This meant that the team was forced to withdraw from the competition.

The athlete and member of Berga Resort Mireia Miró faced the test with enthusiasm since it is the only major race that still resists. "It's the first time I run the Sella Ronda, so still very excited but at the same time with much respect. It is a long race where it will be essential to run any "" The Mezzalama is the last great race that I have to win. Fill me a lot and I think I would close within a stage career to start a new one. "

After the race Mireia Miró declared: "I am very disappointed with the result because I do not like having to abandon a career in special and I was having a good feeling. This is the sport and now we have to think about other things "

Despite the withdrawal of Mezzalama, Mireia Miró partners Berga Resort closes the season qualifying good. The athlete won a silver medal at the world in addition to three victories at the Circuit de Grande Course (Altitoy, Pierra Menta and Adamello) is consolidated with the top of the standings.

Mireia Miró: "I'm so glad this season is the third year that I train and compete at the highest level, and I managed to keep myself adalt during this time, which is always a major challenge."

Berga, 10 May 2013

Text: Berga Resort