The runner from New Zealand confirmed its absence in the first round of the World Cup due to physical problems UltraSky door dragging since late last year.

After a few days of doubts about his participation in the test, Anna Frost failed to retain the title won last year, when also broke the record of the race.

Next Transvulcania is a long distance race that is considered the hardest Ultramarathon Mountain Canary Islands and one of the largest in Spain. "I was frustrated, upset, and even cried. …however, I admit, is a career Transvulcania amazing. - Frost said.

This year, before the inevitable cancellation Frost said "This is a decision that seems pretty obvious, but it is difficult to communicate.

Anna also recognizes that "Last year ended on a disappointing due to injuries and then I promised myself that this year I would try to stay healthy and able to run all season.

And after competing in the last Tarawera, in their country of origin, Anna was confident that his problems began to disappear, but returned to Salomon Advanced Week Utah Frost and even considered drastic measures; "Was very frustrating to hear the problems.

With the absence of Frost pave the way for the two other big favorite, the Catalan Nuria Picas (Member of it's ideal for) And the Swedish Emelie Frosberg, The same three runners in the last Wind Horses offered a great show fighting each other and taking turns to lead in many cases.

Berga, 7 maig 2013