El passat 3 diumenge brand was held with a large number of participants (180 participants), the first Experience Trail Berguedà a circular course starting and finishing at Berga Resort.

1 – A distance of 16.6 km and a height of 69 Accumulated


2 – A distance of 31.3 kilometers and an altitude of 1632m Accumulated


The program that is going to follow will be:


Berga resort experience trail of winners berguedà

Berga Resort winners of trail experience berguedà




15 Km

– 7:30 pm were given the numbers

– 8:40 pm: Briefing and control numbers

– 9 pm: departure

– 13 pm: closing and arrival

– 14 pm: It was the awards ceremony


30 Km

– 5: 30h were given the numbers

– 6: 40h: control of numbers and briefings

– 7h: exit

– 13h: We make awards

– 14pm: closing and arrival



These tests were supposed to start in the world of Ultra Trail or Trail or simply serve as training people accustomed to these tests.


The award ceremony was the athlete Nuria Picas, Duathlon world champion and marathon world champion mountain and ultra trails.


The other test Berguedà Trail Experience will be held on Sunday 10 Marc The New Trail and will Berguedà also have two ways to choose and will be a circular loop starting and finishing in the town center.

Berga Resort 04/03/2013