The Catalan Selecció Muntanya Curses is concentrated Berga Resort

Fernando Rosa (Coach): “The main targets for the 2013 Spanish Cups are both online career and vertically. ”

· Lacions of the installation it's ideal for hosted the weekend of January 19 to 21 in the first concentration of most of the runners and technical organization Catalan Team Racing for Mountain FEEC.

Berga Resort, a regular contributor to the Catalan team, dropped their facilities to develop workouts scheduled for the weekend.

Saturday morning was held the first training session is 1 ½ hours continuous running by undulating terrain, which also worked with specific work intensity interval.

In the afternoon held the second session of the day, where he worked on general fitness.

Sunday morning the squad developed a training course continues to 2.30 hours duration for the Sierra Picancel.

Attendees concentration: Fernando Rosa (Coach), Kiku Soler (Technical) athletes: Nuria Picas (AE Mountain Runners del Berguedà), Alba Xandri (AE Mountain Runners del Berguedà), Javi Delgado (EC Vilassar de Mar) Josep M. (AAEET the Valls) Dani Tristany (AE Mountain Runners del Berguedà), Manel Love (AE Diedre), Marc van (AE Diedre), Silvia Leal (EC Solsonès) Montse Martinez (AE Diedre), Arnau Julia (EU Urgellenca) Ragna Debats (EC Xerta)

Berga Resort, 23/01/2013

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