In its passage by Spain and while resting a little hard training Berga Resort, where hostedWe could talk Anna FrostBefore the fourth test Wind Horses que es realitzarà el pròxim 29 de setembre al Berguedà. La prova té sortida i arribada al poble de Bagà i consisteix en un total de 84,2km, un desnivell acumulat de 12,180m i 6,098m de desnivell positiu, és la quarta de les cinc proves que integren les Ultra Skymarathon Series. Fins ara s’han disputat la Transvulcania a l’illa de La Palma (Canaries), l’Speedgoat a Utah i el Trofeu Kima, a itàlia. La darrera de les competicions serà el 28 d’octubre, a Millau (França) amb la Cursa dels Templers.
The New Zealander Anna Frost, who was one of the sensations of last transvulcania, where he was noted for his victory but also to finish in 13th place in a race full of world-class runners trained very hard for test.


  • Berga Resort: (B.R.): How many days door to Spain?
    Anna Frost (A.F.): I arrived in Spain on September 10
  • B.R: I Wind Horses circuit training?
    A.F .: I trained almost every day the test. Nuria Picas taught me some of the routes and I explored the rest. I love the mountains here are beautiful and brutal at the same time.
  • B.R .: What do you think the section where most delicate and could be the key to the test?
    A.F .: The hardest part of the race is the control point 5-6. It is very straight up and down. Then, once reached the top of Comabona is spectacular with horses and changing land is like running in the UK. My favorite part is the “the hole” checkpoint between 9 and 10. It should be strength, endurance and agility both mentally and physically to be good in this test.
  • B.R .: What are the differences with respect to this path transvulcania where you beat masterfully?
    .: A.F is totally different except for the people, the passion for the mountains and the shared experience of being with them.
  • B.R .: We now feel less equal to or stronger than the race of transvulcania Canaria?
    AF: I am now both in form when it was on TV in the last three months I have struggled with injuries but I feel tired and I spent two weeks training and very good for the race three weeks before this. I'm ready and safe for the test.
  • B.R .: With what expectations afornta Anna Frost this test?
    A.F .: Well, good! m'entcanta is in the mountains because the training is natutral.
  • B.R .: Who you more afraid of yourself or of your rivals?
    A.F .: We are all together in the race, we are competitive, but we wish the best for everyone. Sometimes the unknown is scary, but part of the challenge
  • B.R .: Speaking of rivals, opponents who consider your maximum?
    A.F .: Nuria Picas, Emma Roca, Emelie Forsberg are all strong competitors.
  • B.R .: Speaking of your workouts, how many days door to Berga Resort?
    A.F .: Berga Resort is wonderful. It is perfectly located in the mountains and for me is a fabulous way to keep myself in shape using the bikes, gym, pool and recover me the Wellness Center. In addition, people are adorable.
  • B.R .: What do you think in general the complex?
    A.F .: It's fantastic! Perfect to train because you can combine swimming, running and specific training.
  • B.R .: Could be a strategic and perfect for any fan or racer who wants to prepare the Wind Horses?
    A.F .: It's a great place for any athlete in any sport to come and train. Here is all you need.
  • B.R .: And a family that wants a peaceful getaway in the mountains?
    A.F .: You can come with your family to play, relax and enjoy as well.
  • B.R .: What services the resort / spa has used as recovery?
  • A.F .: The Spa Resort Berga is brilliant I personally think that the hydrothermal treatment is perfect for me and relax with a sunset behind the blinds with an orange juice is great!
  • B.R .: This means that you have trained a lot? How much?
    A.F .: Yes, I have trained very hard since I'm here. Maybe a total of 25-30h, (running, gym and pool included) each week.
  • B.R .: So you will not have failed to use their Wellness / spa and other services, right?
    A.F .: The Wellness Center Berga Resort are seven really fantastic, because I completed in all respects.